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About Pillen Checkout Systems

Within the Pillen Group, Pillen Checkout Systems develops and manufactures a wide range of end products for both the B2B market and the ultimate consumer market. Being part of the Pillen Group, Checkout Systems is able to keep the focus on quality, flexibility, innovativeness, efficiency and costs for all end products.

The specialist in Checkouts & Store concepts!

The consumer wants to be convinced.
In every store/checkout zone, we apply the best materials, and we turn your checkout zone into a functional eye-catcher.

Pillen Checkout Systems: Your checkout specialist!
- Annually Pillen Group sells thousands of workstations: checkout counters & desks!
- Pillen Group has existed for over 56 years!
- Internationally, Pillen is a leading name in the field of product innovation and design.
- We have our own production facilities in metalworking and woodworking.
- We supply the store on the corner, but also the large store formats opt for Pillen; each client is important for us.

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Giving customers and employees an environment to enjoy!

We believe in keeping things personal
As a shop owner, how often do you think about if your customers enjoy shopping in your store? And how often do you think about your employees working there? In offices there is much more attention given to comfort, ergonomics and the overall experience of the environment as in stores and shops. Even though these stores and shops are the places where you find the same people. Customers and employees alike. Does your store or shop provide an environment to enjoy?


Specifically the checkout area is often forgotten when thinking about the shopping and working experience. “It’s just an area where people wait and eventually pay for their products”.
If we improve that area, your employee feels better and with that your customer will do too. And with that, the way they experience your store will improve also.